Testimonial from S.C. in Washington, D.C.

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Tanya is wonderful and I love opening my email and reading the invaluable inspirational messages that she sends.  It’s like she’s always there to lean on, like an angel…I never feel alone and always inspired.  Thank you Tanya for the tears you’ve brought to me…of truth, facing my fears and joy. Thank you for the comfort you’ve always provided.  Thank you for being truthful and real.  Thank you for being so inspiring and pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Sending you love and light,


Testimonial from A.A.A., in Augusta, GA

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I’ve received at least 7 email readings from Tanya since 2008 and she has been ON POINT every time.  I first heard about her through a close girlfriend, who forwarded me the email reading she received. I was so impressed and amazed that I immediately requested an email reading of my own!

Tanya’s instincts and insight with ALL my readings have been inspiring, motivating and life changing. She replies carefully and respectfully, with just enough detail to not spoil any of life’s fun surprises. I recently forward her contact information to a group of girlfriends and said, “Regardless of whether you believe in spiritual psychics or not, Tanya’s advice, recommendations and guidance with me have been extremely pure, accurate, nurturing and realistic. Since December 2012, two of my girlfriends (and my Mother) received their very first readings from Tanya. Needless to say, they were equally impressed and I was able to say, “Told you so!”


Testimonial from M.C. in San Pedro, CA

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I have been getting reading from Tanya for 10 or more years. I thank God for Tanya and her gift, for without her I don’t know what I would have done in certain cases.

She truly has a gift and she is so passionate and amazingly accurate. She has been my light when I was in darkness and gave me clarity when I was so confused and blind. You have to be ready for the truth because she will not “sugar coat” what she sees, and I thank her for it. She has literally saved the life of someone so dear to me and given me insight in to relationships and people to the point that it has changed my life. Without her spiritual gift I would have made many mistakes and continued to live in darkness and denial. Many friends, co-workers and family have all had the pleasure of a reading with Tanya and they also admit that it has changed their lives and helped tremendously. I would recommend to anyone that needs clarity in their life to seek Tanya’s help. I love the phone reading and the email readings although all her readings are of great value and are very enlightening.
Thank you Tanya, you are truly amazing. – M.C., San Pedro

Testimonial from K.C. in Los Angeles, CA

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Tanya’s gift, and her sharing it with me, has helped me to open up spiritually over the years. The messages she sent me showed me a very loving and personal God really does look out for me. It helped me feel less fearful and skeptical about ‘purpose’ and ‘destiny,’ and has actually strengthened my faith and relationship with God. I have become more aware of my inner strength and will as well. It’s been a really personal journey for me, like a sacred gift, so I don’t share my experiences so publicly, but I do feel that T and her gift have helped me move better through the world. Thank you, T! – KC, Los Angeles, CA

Testimonial from Candace W. in Los Angeles, CA

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I first found out about Tanya through a friend (who heard from a friend, like the game ‘telephone’) back in 2008. I have received email readings from her several times over the years and she has always been amazingly on point.

In late 2010, I contacted her and asked her three questions. When I received the answers, I was completely baffled. So much so that I kind of wrote her gift off and forgot about it. Spring forward to a few weeks ago when a friend I had shared her emails with reminded me of those three questions. In the year and a half since she answered, every single answer she gave has come TRUE, even the ones I thought could never happen.  My jaw DROPPED. I can’t believe I ever doubted her for a minute. So needless to say, be OPEN to what she tells you. It may not be what you want to hear and it may seem completely unfathomable at the time, but just wait. My friends have all been sent Tanya’s information and I would never steer them wrong.  I recommend her whole-heartedly. If you get the chance, you must contact her. No need to thank me. Thank YOU so much Tanya, for the guidance you’ve provided in my life and the lives of my friends. Your gift is inspiring and I hope you decide to keep sharing it with the world! – Candace W., Los Angeles, California

Testimonial from E.H. in Los Angeles, CA

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Tanya is extremely good at what she does! She provides such gifted, accurate detailed information requiring few, if any details.

I’ve read with her for several years now and she’s consistently accurate in assessing the energy around particular individuals and situations. – E.H., Los Angeles

Testimonial from Yvonne in the South Bay, CA

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Tanya has been providing readings for me for more than 10 years.  I cannot even begin to explain how much her guidance, encouragement and inspiration has helped me.

She’s prepared me to handle so many events in my life.  Without her guidance, I would have been blindsided so many times.  Some of these events in my life would have been financially and emotionally devastating to me had she not been there to guide me through.  Thank you Tanya for your guidance, inspiration and very firm feedback.  The information you’ve given me has not always been easy to hear, but it has given me insight into my strengths and weaknesses so that I can be stronger and make better decisions. – Yvonne, South Bay

Testimonial from Sandra in Dallas, TX

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Tanya has been a blessing in my life during some very challenging times.  Her readings for me  have been “DEAD ON” accurate.

I have felt so much better after receiving the messages from those that I love and miss dearly.  Comfort and peace of mind is an invaluable thing. – Sandra, Dallas

Testimonial from D.C. in Los Angeles, CA

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Tanya’s gift frightened & intrigued me when we first met. She, without hesitation, conveyed the messages she received about me, for me, to assist me during a complex transitional phase in my life.

Her benevolence came with no price attached to it because it is in her nature to help those who are hurting, & she knew I was in no financial way able to pay her worth. Now, even understanding that her gift is PRICELESS, I, at minimum, will get an annual reading & refer my family & friends to support her enterprise that will, in turn, assist in guiding them through their own personal complexities; a kind of support they can’t find anywhere else. When I received her email that she was ending her 18 year life coaching era, my heart literally dropped in my chest. I emailed her about my sadness upon reading the news but I didn’t want to let on about how distressed I really was, although I’m sure she felt the energy behind my words. I didn’t want her to feel any form of guilt because of the need for her next natural life transition, at least not from me. I am euphoric about her decision, with thought & prayer, to continue to assist those of us in need of her counsel. Her abilities & wisdom are unparalleled & life changing. – DC, Los Angeles

Testimonial from Rece in NYC

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Back in 2009, I needed clarity on several issues in my life and a friend of mine suggested that I reach out to Tanya. I have been benefiting from Tanya’s profound insight and spiritual guidance ever since.

I am a fan of Tanya’s ‘e-mail readings’ service. I send her specific questions and Tanya provides responses to those questions. Tanya has a great ability to respond very directly and with impressive accuracy. She has given me insight into matters on a practical and spiritual level. Sometimes I am too close to my own issues and my mind gets clouded by my emotions. It’s as if she is holds up a mirror and shows me who I am… and it resonates because it’s all familiar. She affirms. She clarifies. She challenges.

Bottom-line, Tanya is my go-to when I am not clear on personal life matters. Tanya is a valuable spiritual advisor. I would have made very different decisions in my life, and possibly to my detriment, had I not consulted her beforehand.

Through email updates and other social media outlets, Tanya does a great job of keeping me informed of her availability and various services. She is very generous with her time and with occasional special offerings. There have been times when she will reach out to me personally to offer insight she received (about me) after prayer or meditation. I don’t know of any other person who does what she does and has given as much to her circle of people.

Tanya is also very open about her own spiritual battles and victories, which makes it even easier to be open with her about my life. I had the pleasure of meeting Tanya when I was visiting her home town. She was very welcoming and went above and beyond by taking me to a meditation garden; a wonderful sacred place in her city.

It’s clear to me that Tanya is tapped into a divine source. I trust her and I am grateful to her because she does important, healing, unselfish work. Tanya is a valuable and trusted go-to source for anyone who needs assistance in better understanding their life situations on a spiritual or practical level. – Rece, NYC

Testimonial from A.E. in Los Angeles, CA

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I have been getting readings from Tanya for almost 8 years now and her gift has allowed me to be acquire a wider perspective, a better sense of Self and the peace of heart and mind to always take an action in nurturing my Spirit and understanding my Ego.

When you receive insight from Tanya, it’s not a crutch in where I feel dependent on her but an empowerment to make sound decisions while getting a better sense of what going on. It’s like being able to rise from the ground-level point of view and into a bird’s eye view of yourself and the intricate connections we have to events and people. Tanya’s relay of divine messages has taught me lessons indirectly that are priceless. Her insight also directly taught me lessons about the Spirit and Ego and how I must find a way for the two to work together. I recommend anybody to reach out to her. She is nurturing as well as to the point. She was accurate in many factual points regarding situations but also teaches that ultimately we shape our lives. I have recommended her to many of my friends and family because the trust and respect I have for her and her gift are golden. — A.E., L.A.