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Inner Peace: Soul 2 Soul Conversations, Volume One

Inner Peace Vol 1

Inner Peace, Vol. 1 – $1.99

A collection of spiritual writings aimed at healing one’s Spirit.

The collection has been eight (8) years in the making and started out as ‘Circle of Spirits’ emails. These emails were sent to those in my email contact list who yearned for mental clarity, emotional solace and spiritual understanding – enlightenment on one’s own spiritual existence.

I have learned that our life-experiences are really spiritual experiences in physical form. We are much more than what we see in the mirror – we are a co-existence of Spirit and Ego…this book speaks directly to the Spirit.

…it’s time for healing…

Inner Peace: Soul 2 Soul Conversations, Volume Two

Inner Peace, Vol. 2 - $2.99

Inner Peace, Vol. 2 – $2.99

This is the second volume of spiritual writings to be published by the spiritual and intuitive author. The messages were compiled within the past two years and are more direct in focus, more profound in meaning, and more expansive in coverage.

The topics covered include enduring private chaos, mis-assigning roles, the importance of setting boundaries, the value of knowing, and the empowerment found in forgiveness.

Miss O’Quinn writes from a spiritual perspective – with a defined focus on one’s spirit. The emails that once were called ‘Circle of Spirits’ have been collected and combined into this book of inspirational and encouraging ‘documents’ of healing.

May your spirit be comforted as your ego becomes enlightened.

Spiritual Roommates: The Harmonious Cohabitation of the Spirit & Ego

Spiritual Roommates - $2.99

Spiritual Roommates – $2.99

Brings to light the ‘split personalities’ within us all. As we are made up of ‘spirit’ and ‘ego’, this manual defines each as well as offers enlightenment on their roles and their identifying characteristics.

The publication goes further to speak on the intention of the spirit – the ‘soul purpose’ – and the intention or fascination of the ego – the ‘ego-desire’. It gives clarity to who we are, why we are here and how to facilitate in the development of each ‘aspect’ of our one being.

As many of us feel that we are simply here on Earth, living an existence of predetermination, external control and karmic influences, what we can learn is that each life-experience is just that, an ‘experience’, that God has granted to us in order ‘to give life to our spiritual energies’, all the while granting us the opportunity and ability to develop individual personalities and indulge in personal fascinations. As we honor His intention for our existence, we may also indulge in our own personal interests (that are legal, moral and hopefully rejuvenating) simultaneously.

This manual deconstructs YOU so that who you really are can be better understood, recognized and appreciated.

Finding My Way…One Woman’s Journey to Discovering ‘Inner Peace’

Finding My Way...One Woman's Journey to Discovering 'Inner Peace' - $2.99

Finding My Way…One Woman’s Journey to Discovering ‘Inner Peace’ – $2.99

“Finding My Way…One Woman’s Journey to Discovering ‘Inner Peace’” is my personal story of struggle, confusion, enlightenment, pain, anger, inspiration, healing, transformation, and self-discovery.

The e-book begins with the death of my father, Quinn, which I believed was the catalyst for the spiritual awakening that would occur years later. My journey travels through the specific relationships, experiences and encounters that were instrumental in the transformational process from ‘child of God’ to ‘Child of God’.

By sharing my story of spiritual discovery, personal transformation, and private pain, I hope to inspire others to assess the details of their lives in order to determine where they are in their respective life-experiences. Moreover, I hope this assessment inspires them to make the most of their journeys and ultimately experience this ‘Inner Peace’ for themselves.

…And You May Quote Me 

And You May Quote Me

…And You May Quote Me – 2.99

“…And You May Quote Me” is an intimately expressive endeavor that is very dear to me. It is a personal collection of quotes that were ‘received’ by me during meditation or while doing readings.

The information contained in this e-book is intended to enlighten, inspire, motivate, comfort and assist in the healing of the reader. It is a ‘spiritual manual’ that contains messages, suggestions and opinions that are divinely influenced and lovingly shared.

Focusing on such topics as healing, forgiveness, self-awareness, dream realization, heartbreak and patience, “…And You May Quote Me” gently delves into the spiritual essence of logical thinking to extract and relay potent ‘doses-of-reality’ to those who are open to healing, personal growth and self-empowerment. It truly simplifies complex issues by offering simplistic truths.

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