Born as the fifth of five children, under the astrological sign of Pisces, referred to as ‘Tanya’ , and belonging to the gender known as ‘female’, this Spiritual Intuitive came to be known. Over twenty years ago, a friend took her to see a Tarot Card Reader. She became amazed at how that woman could look at some images on some weird looking cards and tell her about her life. She aimed to do the same for others.

After having been giving various decks, Tanya learned to read the Tarot and gave readings to family and friends. As they became amazed and saw her ability as a ‘gift’, the sensitive creative spirit began to feel uneasy. She felt if she really did have a ‘gift’, then she shouldn’t need the cards to help those who called on her. She prayed and asked God to give her the ability to read without the aid of the Tarot if she truly possessed a gift. Soon thereafter, she began doing readings without the cards and many times, impromptu. Thirteen years later, she is still providing insightful readings to a clientele that, up until now, had been created solely via word-of-mouth.

As Tanya’s ability grew, she did readings on local, satellite and Internet radio. By giving ‘public’ readings, she came in contact with some celebrities who greatly appreciated her valuable insight. It was doing her first radio appearance when she was deemed the ‘Psychic Oprah’. She also read briefly for a psychic hotline but quickly grew uncomfortable with the energy she was experiencing as the callers wanted information while she wanted to assist in their healing. As a source of light, she has five intentions when doing readings: to enlighten, to clarify, to inspire, to empower and to encourage. Thus, being a tool in which someone just ‘wanted information’, left the intuitive soul feeling empty and tired. She stopped doing online readings and focused on reading for and building her own private clientele.

Tanya is clairvoyant (has visions/sees images), clairaudient (hears voices/sounds), clairsentient (gets impressions or feelings), claircognizant (has the feeling of ‘inner knowing’), a Channeler (one who channels information from Spirit and other spiritual energies), and an Empath (can feel what another is feeling). She is also a Medium who will frequently deliver messages to family members and close friends whenever their transitioned loved ones wish to be acknowledged. In addition to telephone and in-person readings, she also provides eerily accurate email and chat readings. Her curious nature influenced her to consult with God on other ways in which her reading ability could be of greater benefit. Out of this ‘conversation’ came more than ten types of readings focusing on various aspects of life.

The Spiritual Intuitive knows that God has gifted her to be able to help people in the manner that she does. She is very respectful of her ability and never shares reading information with others. She neither edits nor censors the messages (answers to your questions); moreover, she does not remember about 90% of what she relays to the client.  Therefore, if you are having an in-person or phone reading, it is recommended that you take notes.

Tanya has endured a lot to become able to possess the powerful gift that she shares with the masses. She has transformed her gift of enlightenment into a passionate endeavor focusing on spiritual empowerment, emotional healing and mental freedom. As a Spiritual Intuitive, she receives her gift respectfully, responsibly, lovingly, cheerfully and humbly. She only relays the truth of what she sees, feels and hears. She is one whom you’d go to for help with your spirit’s focus, existence, healing and survival. She is not one whom you’d go to for fun, curiosity or trivial matters. She does not stroke egos; she embraces spirits.