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“Divine Order: Acknowledging the 7 ‘Spiritual Roles’”

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The following material was received during various channeling sessions. It has been a few months in the making.

Receive in Truth, Love, Peace and Light.


Your ‘soul purpose’ is the Divine reason behind your existence…why God created you. Each spirit is assigned a task to complete during the time frame in which they shall endure their life-experience. This ‘assignment’ or ‘soul purpose’ is not a requirement by God, rather it enlightens us on our role in His Master Plan; furthermore, the mere acknowledgment can lead to self-awareness and the discovery of one’s personal power.

The life-experience [of a being] refers to the unspecified amount of time granted to spiritual energy during which it is empowered by physicality. Consequently, spiritual energy becomes a ‘person’ and is then spiritually born and physically enabled or empowered.

Though you are born of Spirit, your natural strength becomes weakened by the experiences you endure while in physical form. Consequently, your ‘ego’ is created. What results is an individual being harboring two separate ‘entities’: the spirit, which is of God, and the ‘ego’, which is ‘of man’s influence’. And while they are able to co-exist harmoniously within this one being, each can have their separate focus. The ‘soul purpose’ is the focus of the spirit; the ‘ego-desire’ is the focus (hobby/passion) of the ego.

Honoring one’s ‘soul purpose’ is an instrumental piece to the completion of the Divine Puzzle that God is putting together. The fulfillment of our ‘soul purpose’ aids in the successful execution of His Master Plan. He assigned to us those ‘spiritual obligations’ with the Mindset that we’d cooperate and perform accordingly. However, our consciousness has not caught up to His Will.

As we all have been assigned a ‘soul purpose’, we all have been categorized into ‘Spiritual Roles’. While your ‘soul purpose’ is the Divine reason behind your existence, your ‘Spiritual Role’ defines the manner in which your ‘soul purpose’ shall be honored. The seven ‘Spiritual Roles’ are ‘Healer’, ‘Messenger’, ‘Teacher’, ‘Motivator’, ‘Facilitator’, ‘Administrator’, and ‘Provider’. And though you may find that you are able to fit into more than one role, there will still be only one role that you are Divinely Purposed to fill.

The seven ‘Spiritual Roles’ are noted below and include descriptions of each position. Each ‘Spiritual Role’ is connective; we all are meant to work together for the Highest Good of Humanity. Recognize that each of these individuals – whether aware of their ‘Spiritual Role’ or not – will become acquainted with the person they need to connect with so as to further progress in a shared purpose…this is Divine Intention. However, the unaware and the unconscious will not make these spiritual acquaintances.

The Divine healing energy of the ‘Healer’ brings forth the ‘Messenger’, whose healed energy delivers enlightenment and inspiration (referred to as ‘the movement’ – a shared purpose or common cause) to the ‘Teacher’. The enlightened energy of the ‘Teacher’ will attract students; among them will be ‘Motivators’. The captivating energy of the ‘Motivator’ brings forth the ‘Facilitator’. The ‘Facilitator’ is connective energy – they thrive on ‘connecting’ – and so ‘the movement’ grows in the form of the development of networks, groups, and organizations.

Enter the ‘Administrator’, whose personal organizational strengths provide for the proper management of ‘the movement’ as it grows in popularity and influence. Lastly, the ‘Provider’ – so moved by the presence of powerful, collective energy – assures that all that is needed on a practical, financial or legal manner is acquired to sustain ‘the movement’.

To summarize, the Healer brings forth the Messenger who brings forth the Teacher who brings forth the Motivator who brings forth the Facilitator who brings forth the Administrator who brings forth the Provider. Acknowledge, however, that these individuals don’t have to follow a specific manner of evolution, discovery or introduction. Once they become aware of their own ‘Spiritual Role’ and ‘soul purpose’, they will unconsciously draw to them their ‘spiritual counterparts’.


The 7 ‘Spiritual Roles’

Healer – A person who uses their spiritual energy to heal others on a continuous and continual basis. These extremely sensitive beings are often misunderstood, exploited, and criticized for their sensitivity. They often suffer heavy emotional trauma during their early life-experience and their relationship with God – if they have one – has been questioned, challenged, broken and repaired many times over. ‘Healers’ use various methods to provide emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing.

Messenger – A person who uses their spiritual energy to deliver Divine Information, Spiritual Messages and/or Higher Consciousness to others on a continuous and continual basis. ‘Messengers’ are unique energy as they are ‘enlightened by God’ and ‘discredited by man’; what God Gifted to them, man tries to destroy. They are regular people with extraordinary wisdom, perception, and emotional understanding. ‘Messengers’ are sensitive and creative beings and will deliver their ‘messages’ via the creative arts (writing, designing, drawing, painting, etc.)

Teacher – A person who uses their spiritual energy to educate, inform and enlighten others on a continuous and continual basis. ‘Teachers’ naturally desire to aid you in your developmental process; they genuinely want to be an influence upon your soul. They tend to turn towards teaching others as a way of ‘working-therapy’; though their calling is to teach, their need is to heal and transform. The best ‘Teachers’ are those who have suffered and healed for they then have the raw energy of experience to intensify their natural desire to aid you in your developmental process.

Motivator – A person who uses their spiritual energy to incite enthusiasm, excitement and interest in others on a continuous and continual basis. ‘Motivators’ are naturally dynamic, charming, and infectious energy; they are the driving force behind the execution of new ideas, embarking on new journeys, and accomplishing challenging goals. They are the energy that moves others to action. These addictive individuals use their emotional energy in a practical way – they are not the people to call when you want to wallow in emotion; they are the people you call when you want to get out of that emotional place.

Facilitator – A person who uses their spiritual energy to facilitate the introduction of like-minded people on a continuous and continual basis. ‘Facilitators’ are the ‘middle men’ between those who have and those who need. They don’t just make introductions; they link groups of people together. They are natural planners and love creating networks of people with the intention of creating a larger body or force.

Administrator – A person who uses their spiritual energy to manage the collaboration of people, groups or networks on a continuous and continual basis. ‘Administrators’ are unique energy as they purpose to ensure the successful cohesion of various elements into one specific focus. They are mentally driven people who are great managers of people, projects and organizations.

Provider – A person who uses their spiritual energy to provide what is needed for a cause or belief to flourish on a continuous and continual basis. ‘Providers’ are the backbone of ‘the movement’. They are influential and instrumental in the practical, financial and/or legal matters of the cause or belief. They have great business sense, possess keen intellect in a specified area, and are naturally hardworking and dependable.

All of the ‘Spiritual Roles’ are ‘balanced’ – neither is more important than the other. Each role is meant to complement the personal strengths and natural characteristics of the ego for it is on the basis of these two things that one’s ‘Spiritual Role’ is assigned. Additionally, recognize that these are spiritual roles; therefore, while your ego may identify with one or more roles, it is the focus of your spirit (how you are using your spiritual energy) that determines your ‘Spiritual Role’.



“I am a ‘Messenger’ of the Divine who assists in the healing of others; who are you?” – Tanya

“Acknowledging Your ‘Primary Relationship’”

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What is a ‘primary relationship’?

Your ‘primary relationship’ is the relationship with Self. Many are unaware that this relationship exists; and some feel the ‘primary relationship’ is with God or a Higher Power. I believe the ‘primary relationship’ is the one with Self because in order for Self to enter healthily and unselfishly into any intimate partnership or union, it has to know how to relate to itself so as to know how it relates to others.

We enter into relationships expecting whatever we feel we need to be delivered by the other person. Many times we don’t even assess their potential to see if meeting our expectations is even possible! We bring a backpack of issues along on the journey, as if the relationship is a hike through rough terrain, deadly insects, unpredictable weather and with no map. However, when one establishes a healthy ‘primary relationship’, this journey becomes more enlightening and inspiring and less challenging and debilitating.

How do you fall in love with yourself?

By becoming someone with whom you can fall in love.  Who is your ideal partner? Make a list of the qualities they need to have and the qualities you’d like for them to have. Now, make a list of the qualities you have. When describing your ideal partner, do you see yourself in that description? If not, it’s checks and balances time: why shall your partner be held to higher standards than yourself? Perhaps you need to acknowledge who you wish to love and who, in turn, is asking to be loved.

When we love ourselves…or better yet, fall in love with ourselves!…it shows. We value our own opinions, we respect ourselves, we support ourselves, we are kind to ourselves, we like ourselves, we trust ourselves.  Within our ‘primary relationship’ we establish a standard of loving, thus all other intimate relationships are held by that standard.

The ‘primary relationship’ is never the first relationship to be established for many of us focus on relationships that involve other people. Therefore, we may endure several challenged relationships before we realize that something within us needs to change. Additionally, those who are self-aware, care about their overall well-being, or who seek to endure a personal transformation will recognize the existence and importance of the ‘primary relationship’.

Establishing your ‘primary relationship’

Through self-analysis we become acquainted with ourselves. This personal inspection of who we are requires honesty, open-mindedness, objectivity and courage. This process requires us to note all qualities – good and bad – to see who we are in totality. This summation is the true representation of the person we present to others in day-to-day life, relationships, and other social situations.

A mirror reflects the physical image of a person; self-analysis reflects the personal image of a person. Personal transformation is not saying to self, “You are wrong on all levels,” rather it simply suggests, “You are better than what you currently depict.” If we find that who we have become is not someone with whom we can love (fall in love with), then we must realize that the likelihood of who we want may not want who we are either; after all, we don’t.

Establishing a healthy ‘primary relationship’ aids in the development of all intimate relationships, not just the romantic ones. Some have friends that are not worthy; some have lovers, partners, spouses, etc. who are not worthy; and some have family members who aren’t worthy. Regardless of what category your relationship falls into, your ‘primary relationship’ can serve as the measure by which all others are held. ‘Primary relationships’ force us to have boundaries and limitations set in place for it is the mere love of self that propels us to properly self-govern.

When will I know my ‘primary relationship’ has been established?

When you can say “I love me!” When you can honestly think of Self as someone that you admire, love, respect and value, that’s when you’ve established a healthy ‘primary relationship’.

“The ability to love is not possessed by all; the ability to harbor self-love is even more rare.”






“’Self-Analysis’: Getting to Know Your Self”

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What is ‘self-analysis’?

‘Self-analysis’ is the process of analyzing self. One does not need a Spiritual Intuitive, a practicing psychic, or a medical professional to complete this process; they just need the desire to become acquainted with the Self they’ve become.

Self-analysis starts with the decision to go deep. One must be ready, willing and able to be honest, objective, and thorough. We tend to not want to recognize and accept our flaws – especially when another, who is obviously flawed, has been pointing them out for years – yet one’s Truth is their Truth, regardless of who points it out. It is the recognition and acceptance of such that can lead to self-understanding; additionally, self-understanding leads to self-empowerment. Moreover, an empowered Self makes wiser decisions, fewer mistakes, wastes less time and energy and misses fewer (if any) opportunities. Becoming aware of whom you’re presenting to the masses automatically enables you to cultivate that presentation to achieve and acquire that which is fulfilling, nurturing and prosperous to your life-experience.

What happens during self-analysis?

In many cases, ‘two people meet’. Who you thought you were and who you really are become acquainted. During self-analysis, one opens up to their Self. They acknowledge their weaknesses and their strengths; their flaws and their perfections; their lies and their Truth.

Those who are ego-driven may opt to perform self-analysis alone as opposed to having a support group of family and friends. They may choose the ‘private’ assistance of a ‘stranger’ (therapist, counselor, Intuitive, etc.) to accompany them through the sensitive process. For them, it is too challenging to accept the observations of those known to them; therefore, they are likely to spend the process of self-analysis defending and excusing their behaviors, thoughts, feelings and attitudes. In turn, they waste valuable time ‘proving others wrong’ and ‘proving themselves right’. Those who feel or have recognized that they already have a support group in place, may wish to narrow down or customize that list to fit this specific process – all are not equally capable of handling all things/situations. By being energetically specific with your intent for this process, you will connect with the appropriate person(s) who is qualified to assist.

The Process of Self-Analysis

The following is the way that I initially performed self-analysis. You can Google to find other ways; yet, as I do not read, I did what Spirit (God) Influenced me to do. Perhaps this practice will be as beneficial to you as it has been for me.

On a piece of paper – not the computer, IPad or your phone – write down as the title “I Am…” Below that make two columns; one column will have your strengths (perfections), the other, your weakness (flaws). Title each column either ‘Strengths’ or ‘Weaknesses’.

In the solitude of Self, when you have the luxury of privacy and truth, fill in the blanks. For some, enhancing the ambiance will make this a more enjoyable and spiritual process; I like to light candles, incense and/or tea lights. Additionally, I like to listen to meditative sounds, New Age music, etc.

In each column, there should be adjectives – one word descriptions of how you see your Self. If you see your Self as ‘kindhearted’, write ‘kindhearted’ underneath the ‘Strengths’ heading. If you see your Self as ‘impatient’, note that underneath the ‘Weaknesses’ heading. This process may take five minutes, an hour or two weeks. You do not want to rush through the process nor make it a chore. It is imperative that you are honest, thorough and specific. If you falter in any of these areas, you are simply doing a disservice to your Self. No other suffers, just You.

Now that you are seeing whom you are presenting to others, it is necessary to have outside opinions. Here is where your support group of honest, expressive and observant people is added to the mix. It is wise to have a small support group as too may opinions can derail the purpose. Ask the members of your support group to assess you as a person; to make a two-column ‘summary’ of who they know you to be. However, they may use the computer or whatever device they choose – the purpose of you writing these traits down is to remove from this intimate process the electromagnetic energy that we get from such equipment.

When you receive their ‘assessment’ of who you are, compare it to your list. Add what they have noted if you have not already recognized such traits, both for strengths and weaknesses. Once you have the ‘outside opinions’ in your possession and can edit your list accordingly, what becomes evident is who you are – in the eyes of Self and to those whose opinions you value (your support group). With this revelation, you must decide if you shall remain as-is or modify Self according to your conscious preference – understand, who we’ve become can be an unconscious transformation based on our experiences, society and environment. You are not ‘at fault’, yet you are responsible for who consciously present to others.

As you view the ‘complete assessment’ of your Self, know that many – if not all – of those negative traits listed in the ‘Weaknesses’ column are subconscious reactions to a traumatic experience.  After you have successfully become acquainted with who you have become – in the eyes of Self and others – you can choose to heal from the experiences revealed or, in the least, resolve the recognized negative traits that influence your behavior and attitude.

Self-analysis makes you aware; self-transformation makes you empowered.

What happens after ‘self-analysis’?

Life…from a conscious and empowered perspective. Say ‘Hello’ to who you are, to whom you’ve become. Embrace him/her if they are exactly as you wish them to be; embrace him/her if they are so unlike you wish them to be for again, who has been revealed is the product of its environment, society and experience. The purpose for this process isn’t to find fault or blame with anyone, let alone Self; it is to discover who we have been presenting to others and to better understand ourselves. It is to become self-aware, self-understood and self-loved.

May each of you move forward from this enlightened perspective.

Become aware; become empowered; become whole.



“Inside the Life of a Spiritual Intuitive”

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Dare to step inside of my world. Enter if you shall. Allow me the opportunity to share with you what it is like having the Spiritual Gifts that I have been blessed with. Truly, you will decide – after experiencing my life – if they are indeed blessings or curses.

I am clairaudient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairsentient. I am an Empath. I am a Medium. I am a Channeler. These titles or roles have not been of conscious choosing, but rather subconscious intention. I have become who I am; and still, I am me.

I invite you inside of my world, the reality where information becomes ‘accessible’ regardless of not having such ‘requirements’ as consciousness, intelligence and experience…a realm where new acquaintances are made via energy and ‘taking dictation’ ascends to the Most High.

‘…the Clairaudient’

I hear stuff. When I’m doing readings, I hear voices. Sometimes it’s one voice; sometimes is several voices yet they’re in harmony. I believe the One Voice is God; the ‘several voices’ are one’s Spirit Guides.

When I do email readings, I simply take dictation. Whether it’s a ‘Quick Read’ or a ‘Spiritual Reading via Email’, I’m listening and typing. I feel as if I must keep up with the Message as It is being relayed, as a result, my typing speed has increased. Truly, I just don’t want to be responsible for missing anything. Sometimes the information I’m receiving is lighthearted, sometimes it’s serious, all the time, it’s the truth. I used to have issues with being privy to another’s secrets, issues, pain, and thoughts; then I remembered that it is His Will that I ‘assist in the healing of others’, so without opinion or insecurity, I oblige.

When I do phone readings, I hear stuff. While you are talking about this or that, I have zoned out and am listening to that One Voice or those several voices. I then interrupt you to share what I have become privy to. So when I rudely interrupt what you may be explaining, it’s only because I’m trying to keep up with the Message as It is being relayed. Forgive my rudeness; I just don’t feel that it’s up to me to ask ‘Them’ to ‘shhh’ while you explain yourself or indulge in your emotion.

Yeah, I hear stuff.

‘…the Clairvoyant”

I see stuff. I get visions…sometimes it’s like watching a movie. Other times, I see snapshots. I get glimpses of images flashing before me…well sometimes they flash; sometimes they linger.

Sometimes when I’m doing a reading, I’ll focus on a blank wall to allow it to be the backdrop…to provide a blank canvas behind what I’m seeing. It replaces what is physically visible so that I may focus on what is intuitively visible. I am then watching a movie on a blank screen as opposed to seeing it in addition to seeing everything else. My intuitive vision becomes clearer.

The glimpses I receive are like pieces to a puzzle; and at times I have to ‘search for more pieces’ to complete the puzzle, which completes the visual, which enhances your message – your answer, your truth. It is during this ‘search’ that the client’s calm and receptive energy aids in my ‘adventure’. Their ‘willingness to be read’ provides the map for me to follow to become able to provide much more information than they bargained for.

Yeah, I see stuff.

‘…the Claircognizant’

I know stuff. I don’t know it via education or training; nor have I been predisposed to information that would empower me to know such things, but I know stuff.

During readings, when you ask specific questions and the responses include something like, “Truly, this is what’s going to happen so the next question should be ‘How do you move through it?’” It’s not that I’m being arrogant; I just know stuff.

There are things that you know right? It could be your name, your professional title, your favorite color, your partner’s social security number, whatever…stuff you know, things that are. While giving a reading, I become privy to information and some of that information is not based on free will; it is not ‘by decision’. It is ‘by design’, according to the Will of God, and thus it is so. I then relay this information to you with confidence and conviction for it is not up to interpretation or for debate – it just is.

Yeah, I know stuff.

‘…the Clairsentient’

I feel stuff. I get impressions about events and situations. I follow the energy of an event or situation to understand what the outcome shall be. And then I relay it to you.

I tell people that I am ‘energetically sensitive’. I don’t like the term ‘predict’; I don’t foretell, I just follow the energy of the situation as I feel it unfolding. Sometimes the connection is very fragile and it’s a challenge to do the reading. Yet when the client is calm, open-minded and receptive, the connection becomes stronger; therefore it is easier to follow the flow of energy that is that event or situation that you ask about.

I ask for you to be calm, open-minded and receptive because I feel what you feel and I have to be totally unaffected by the [personal] energies of others and myself when I’m doing a reading. I have to be able to feel the energy so as to connect with it so as to follow it to its ‘destination’ – to your answers…to your truth. Consequently, I detach from what I feel (as in my opinion) and know (as in my experience and knowledge) to relay what is your complete truth.

Yeah, I feel stuff.

‘…the Empath’

I can feel what another feels. I am ‘energetically sensitive’ to situations, events and people. Though sometimes I unconsciously become affected by the energies of others, during readings, I consciously connect with the energies of others so as to experience what they are feeling. I then relay this to my client, as long as it pertains to the nature of their relationship with the specific individual with whom I’ve connected.

I don’t like crowds. I don’t like public transportation. I can’t watch television shows or movies that are based on real-life experiences and contain racial tension a la ‘A Time to Kill’, ‘Roots’, etc. because it hurts my soul. The pain of many is felt by me. I can’t watch some talent competition shows for when the performer becomes embarrassed by a less-than-stellar performance, so do I. And when a performer auditions and should not have even thought to do so, while others laugh, I become embarrassed while they are confused as to why they weren’t selected. I don’t’ watch the news often. I’ll watch TMZ, but not ‘real’ news. And I miss that. I will try to watch the weather, news, politics and surface stuff, yet there are times when the story of someone hurts me so much that I have to turn the channel…and sometimes cry. Hell some commercials have to be ignored by me. “Feed The Children”, “Rescue the Animals”, “Heal the Children” are all topics that are very likely to cause a flood of tears. I have learned to become cautious of what I view.

Sometimes, I just don’t like how a person feels. When I was younger, I would meet people whom I would immediately feel disdain for or an uneasiness with. And I now understand why – I am an Empath, I can feel what another is feeling. I have energetically assessed their personal energy and my assessment reveals that they are not someone that I want to know. I protect myself (my energy) with stones, consciousness and prayer. I have had to learn that all that I feel is not attributed to me. While I call upon this Gift during readings, it still is a ‘condition’ that is always so.  I am ‘energetically sensitive’.

When I’m ‘in the zone’ or ‘open’, a person’s energy can be aggravating to me. Their natural personal energy is picked up by me and intensified. If they are sad, I feel it. If they are angry, I feel it. If they are lying to themselves, I feel their self-deceptive energy. Therefore, while doing a reading, not only am I clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizant, I am also empathic. During readings, my ‘feelings’ aren’t mine; they are the client’s. While I’m hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing, I’m also experiencing your energy. While trying to assist in your clarity and guidance, my being is being used by The Divine for your benefit.

Yeah, I can feel what you feel.

‘…the Medium’

As one who is sensitive to the energies of events, situations and people, I am also sensitive to the energies of spiritual energies that are not ‘earthbound’. Yeah, I see dead people.

Sometimes I see impressions of people, much like an outline or dense representation of a person…sometimes I see bits and pieces of a person (their long fingers, shoulder-length hair, stocky stature, light eyes, acne prone skin). Sometimes I just get the thought of a client, family member or friend and then I start to see, hear, feel or know things…I can tell that I am not enduring this experience out of my own doing; it is due to the transitioned loved one of the client, family member or friend that these things occur.  I then reach out to the person, sharing with them the descriptions of the energy that is contacting me, to enlighten them on the presence and feelings of their transitioned loved one.

During a ‘Divine Communication’ reading, I specifically call for the spirit that the client wants to connect with. It’s like maneuvering through a crowd of strangers and calling for a specific person. I have no physical description and that wouldn’t matter anyway; I simply & respectfully request the participation of the transitioned spirit on behalf of their loved one. And if they shall respond, the reading shall be done. If they shan’t, the reading can’t be done. Not all whom I shall call will respond, we all have free will.

Sometimes transitioned loved ones are ready to communicate; sometimes I have to coax them into a ‘conversation’. The latter usually occurs when the transitioned spirit has lived religiously (as ego) and therefore has some distrust in this method of ‘communication; if they have apprehension about their loved one’s emotional state and know that their loved one can’t handle ‘communication’ at this point-in-time; and/or if they are introverted energy.

Not all ‘divine communication’ is requested. Transitioned spirits will connect with me when they feel the need to in order to alert their loved one to emotional and physical issues regarding their health, to assist in overcoming professional challenges, to introduce practical methods, to warn against dangerous encounters, etc.

Because I am a portal – an opening for transitioned spirits to use to connect with earthbound spirits – I am always surrounded by transitioned energies. Some I know because they are connected to clients, family members and friends and have had personal interaction with me; some I don’t know, they are just waiting until the paths of myself and their loved ones cross and then they will ‘speak’.

My clients aren’t just the living, they are also the transitioned. Yeah, I see dead people and they see me.

‘…the Channeler’

I’m a messenger…for the Divine. I’m smart; I’ve learned some things. I’m a gifted creative writer; I can tell an incredible story. Yet my level of knowledge and gift of creative expression do not lend themselves to the powerful ‘messages’ that come through me via inspirational emails, quotes, and enlightenment during readings…these are of God, I simply pass them on to others. [It is wise to acknowledge that the value of one’s psychic reading isn’t solely based on the intuitive information that is relayed; it also includes the enlightenment (Higher Consciousness) that is shared.]

Because of my strong connection with The Divine (God) and my remarkable sensitivity to energy, I will become ‘influenced’ or ‘inspired’ to relay what He wishes to express. And I oblige. Often times an inspirational message is channeled through me and after I send it out, some clients will comment on its power. I then have to reread it so that I can know what they are talking about. Sometimes during channeling, I’ll ‘hear’ words whose meanings I don’t know…and I have to look them up. I am in awe of how He uses me…I am impressed with these Gifts, this one especially, for It is intended to spiritually affect groups of people, aside from the intuitive readings.

Yeah, I’m a ‘messenger’…for God.

‘…the Woman’

…And so there you have it…her…Tanya. This way of being has become my life because I chose it. I simultaneously embarked on healing, intuitive and spiritual journeys because my spirit felt it was required; thus, my ego submitted.

I am not unique for there are others like me. I am however, an individual who has come to know who she is and is in love with her. I am a woman who loves love, loves people, and loves life. I am a victor who has overcome, healed from and transformed. I am a teacher and a student. I am a leader and a follower.

I have become whom I chose to be. Welcome to My World.


Essentially Yours…

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Jan. 23, 2015

Essentially Yours” is a weekly email in which your confusions, concerns and challenges are addressed. The Divine Intention of this email is to take the personal curiosities of one and supply enlightenment and clarity to all.



“I have been wanting to request the Divine Communication Reading to connect with my dad but I have unresolved issues towards him. I am not in a ‘good place’ in regards to him but I would like to know what he has to say. Should I get one?”

No. You must realize that you are following a curiosity yet aren’t strong enough to handle what may occur. This is evident in the fact that you didn’t just request the reading; you’ve been harboring doubts about it.

If there is a possibility that communication from your father will upset your life – and you have no support group in place – then don’t request it. If I detect unsettling energy when you do request it, I won’t honor your request. Before communicating with a transitioned spirit, it is suggested that you have grieved – at least to some degree – and have acceptance of their transition. This makes the ‘interaction’ comforting and clarifying rather than aggravating and traumatizing.




“I am at a crossroads in my marriage. I had a Relationship Reading and it was spot on. How do I move forward?”

Consciously and confidently. If the Relationship Reading was ‘spot on’, what did you learn about your Self? What did you learn about your spouse? How can you use that information (which we can now call ‘enlightenment’) to resolve issues, heal trauma and grow together?

You have to decide if your marriage is worth the effort – in either case, you have to find your own Self worth the effort and commit to your own healing. Perhaps with open, direct and honest conversation you and your spouse can commit to healing yourselves, resolving personal issues and strengthening the marriage? However, if he is not willing to assist in improving the quality of the union, then you have your answer for you can’t fix the relationship by yourself; your spouse must participate in the endeavor.


If your spouse is open, I offer ‘Intuitive Relationship Counseling’ (for you two as a couple) as well as the ‘Intuitive Guidance (via Telephone or Email)’ and the ‘Power Forward!’ monthly healing service for your individual healing efforts.  Aside from my services, marriage counseling is strongly suggested.




“I missed out on the free readings today.  :-(   I sent in my question and you responded with more instructions on how to pose my question but apparently I didn’t do it right again because I didn’t get a response. I am bummed but respect your process.”

I typically offer the complimentary readings on Friday mornings. I do those as an appreciative gesture to God, in gratitude of His Influence, Love and Support in my life.

If you follow the instructions given, I will respond to your question (if it’s among the eleven that I intend to do). Make sure you read the instructions, I had several questions about ‘The Divine’ when it is clearly noted to not pose such questions. Also, some will pose more than one question. For example: “Should I get my Masters at USC and would moving to Texas be a good idea for me and my family?” Huh? It’s obvious that I am being asked two questions when the instructions specifically state ‘free one-question readings’. Normally, when I see blatant disregard for the instructions, I immediately delete the email. Yesterday I went out of my way to be empowering for future requests.  ;-)


“During a reading, you said that I was an empath and explained to me what that was. I also looked it up to find some interesting information on it. I know you don’t read (LOL!!!!!!!) yet I would like to know your thoughts on my role in humanity as an empath.”

An Empath is someone who can feel what another is feeling. This experience can be emotional or physical. For me, it’s emotional. I can feel another’s emotional energy and use this Gift to do readings. Some Empaths get physical indications of another’s energetic disturbance. For example, some Empaths will get a headache if they are feeling that another has a headache or a brain tumor. An Empath may suffer severe stomach pains if another is physically sick or extremely nervous.

As an Empath, you will want to find ways to protect yourself from the energies of others. I use gemstones like onyx, obsidian and amber to protect myself. I also have become empowered to recognize when ‘experienced energy’ is not my energy. Case in point: I almost quit a good job because of my empathic ability. A coworker/friend had a meeting with her boss and got so angry that she wanted to quit. Meanwhile, I was feeling good, working, when all of a sudden I got angry and wanted to quit my job. I was done – but didn’t know why. I went home early and thought about what had happened. I then realized that as that energy came out-of-the-blue and could not be rationally justified, it wasn’t mine. Therefore I detached from those feelings and enjoyed my half-day.  :-)

The next day when I told my friend/coworker what had happened, she apologized and said I was picking up on her energy. It seems that around the time I got angry, she had become angry at her superior and stormed out of the meeting. I was going to quit my job because she was mad at her boss! LOL!

You don’t have an assigned ‘role in humanity’ as an Empath; you have a Gift that you can use to help yourself, help others or simply to acknowledge and accept. Some say Empaths are healers; I say you’re a healer if your intention is to heal. As an Empath, you must first acknowledge your level of energetic sensitivity, accept this ‘trait’, and learn how to live with it. Should you decide to use it as a tool in which you assist in the healing of others, so be it. Yet be careful of assuming a role that you aren’t capable of fulfilling.




Essentially Yours…

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January 16, 2015

Essentially Yours” is a weekly email in which your confusions, concerns and challenges are addressed. The Divine Intention of this email is to take the personal curiosities of one and supply enlightenment and clarity to all.



“I hope I’m doing this right, I’m a new client and got the email about the Essentially Yours and wanted to participate. My first reading with you was the Spiritual Reading via Email. Wow! I still can’t understand how you could be so specific about many things in my life – including the past – and we’ve never met!! How can I use that reading to begin the healing process?”

The ‘Spiritual Reading via Email’ is a great first reading if one is serious about taking control of their lives. Whether they want to heal from emotional trauma, ‘resolve’ their personalities, or become acquainted to their spiritual selves, the enlightening information from this reading can become the impetus for such.

Areas of healing or transformation, or signs of awakening will be reflected in the ‘Self’ and ‘Love/Relationships’ areas. After you have successfully processed those two areas, send me an email pasting those passages (for I will need to re-read what was written) in the email and asking me do a read on those passages. What that subsequent reading will yield is more insight into those specific situations. You see, when I read, I ‘access information’ that is currently available. What you are doing when you send me those passages (in their entirety) is asking me to access your spiritual or emotional imprint from that starting point.  Therefore, I’m not going back to a ‘beginning’; I am continuing from a ‘pause’. This additional information picks up from where your Spiritual Reading via Email left off.




“I am having issues with my partner and I want to refer her to you but I’m concerned what you will say. You have helped me and are helping me deal with personal issues and I want her to benefit from your Gifts as well. I believe that if we both consult with you, we both can become healed and have a better intimate relationship.”

Firstly, I am blessed to be of service. Secondly, I can only assist in your healing; I cannot give you healing. You are real…you are sincere in your desire to overcome your childhood issues and live a better adult life. And thus we work well together. Can you honestly say that she has the same sincerity?

When a person chooses to heal from personal issues, endure a spiritual awakening and journeying, and/or endure personal transformation, the likelihood of their personality changing is high. If that person is in an intimate relationship, their partner needs to accommodate those changes, or, in the least, respect them. Make sure your partner is being given the opportunity to gradually know the ‘new you’. Do not blindside her with your healing if you truly love her and want the same empowerment for her. “All things in moderation right?”

Now, you’re afraid of what I will say to her? I will tell her the truth of her life. I will relay the truth of what I see, hear, feel and know. I will interact with her in the same way that I interact with you. I will not share anything she shares with me with you nor will I share what you share with me with her, for both are disrespectful to you two and to God. If you two seek my services individually and commit to your own healing and progression, each of you can become empowered and enlightened. Consequently, you two can grow together or apart – depending on what The Divine has in store. If you two see me as a couple, we three can work together as a team. Yet know this: my focus isn’t saving your relationship, my focus is your individual empowerment.



“You recently sent out an email that struck me in my core. You mentioned how things in life don’t happen by chance, how we are responsible for what happens in our lives, and basically how being simple and fearful keep us unhappy. I agree, but how can I change what has already occurred?”

Oops! LOL!! I am so sorry. I can be direct and never mean to offend, yet a sensitive spirit may take my words as such.

I’m sure you are not being ‘simple’, yet you may be fearful of your own power. You cannot change the past, yet you can learn from it and grow accordingly. Because you and I believe the same thing, do what I have done personally: perform self-analysis and introspection. Review your Life, your Self, your Relationships, your Choices and your Reactions. There is power in remembering. Assess who you were, for it is this ‘person’ who is responsible for these things that are now being analyzed. Decide who you wish to become, and acknowledge that this ‘new person’ is starting off with an advantage for she knows what not to do, how not to be.

We must understand that there aren’t any ‘new days’ until there has been a conscious change in attitude and behavior. Things don’t just happen to us; we invite them into our lives. It is best to discover what lies within your subconscious mind for it is there that your underlying motivations lie. And you are responsible for the conscious efforts, reactions, choices and such that are fueled by your subconscious.



“I am not a client yet but have friends who are. They have shared some of their readings with me and I am impressed not just with the reading themselves, but with your level of consciousness. You are very smart. I am scared to request a reading because of what you may relay to me. How can I beat this fear?”

Thank you. However, I don’t think I am smart for I do not read and have not endured education or training to become privy to the information that I share. I am Gifted; I pray and meditate. I respond and oblige. :-)

If you are scared of getting a reading, then don’t request one. I will relay the truth of what I see, hear, feel and know. I do not censor or edit for I don’t feel that I have the right to do so. I try to remove as much of myself from the Divine Information being relayed so that the client can reap their Intended Benefit. I don’t acknowledge the ‘perceived limitations’ of my clients’ egos; I communicate at the request of their spirits. With that being said, until you abandon your fear, you should not request a reading (fear is an energy of the ego). And after you request one, if your purpose is for healing, spiritual journeying or personal transformation, make sure that you have a support group in place.




Essentially Yours…

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Dec. 17, 2014

“Essentially Yours” is a weekly email in which your confusions, concerns and challenges are addressed. The Divine Intention of this email is to take the personal curiosities of one and supply enlightenment and clarity to all.



“I’m a new client and am impressed with your gift. I intend to take full advantage of it lol. Do you have any suggestions on how one can use your gifts to change? I grew up in a religious household and my family is more connected to the God referenced in the Bible than the God that you seem to know. How can I get to know him like you do?” 

Firstly, thank you. Secondly, I hope you will take full advantage of my Gifts; that’s why I have them.  ;-)

My spirituality – my relationship with God – is years in the making. I too grew up in a home where one’s personal relationship with God wasn’t addressed, the Bible ‘explained everything in life’, and the Reverend/Preacher/Pastor was the one ‘chosen’ to interpret the Bible. I have transformed from a ‘child of a mother who was raised religiously’ to an atheist (when my dad died) to an agnostic to a conscious follower of and believer in The Divine. My spirituality was influenced and inspired to develop when I became interested in reading the Tarot. Once I began delving into my personal self to discover my Divine (intuitive) Gifts, my spirit awakened and began to emerge. As a result, I became aware of The Source of Love, Light, Truth and Peace and have formed an impermeable bond with It.

Your spirituality is a personal choice – you shall believe what you shall and in Whom you shall believe; I simply offer insight into the Truth of what many ignore, some find interesting, some find taboo, and the conscious abide by. I am not here to redirect your focus, for you need to be comfortable with your beliefs. I am here to enlighten you on the Truth (that God exists and is accessible), your own value as a spiritual being empowered by physicality, and to assist in your emotional and/or spiritual healing. Your relationship with God should be based on your personal interaction with ‘Him’; not on hearsay, storytelling and gossip.




“You are incredibly blunt. Is it easy for you to be so direct? From my experiences, some things that you’ve enlightened me on have been painful and while I appreciate the directness, it hurts!!!  :-(

The truth may be painful, discouraging, and debilitating…yet it is still empowering. Focus on the value of what you’ve received and not the pain that accompanies it. Easier said than done, but not impossible.

I don’t find pleasure in being direct; I find that it is a necessity. I don’t feel that I have the right to edit the information that I receive. I am simply a Messenger; I relay information. My essential goal is to assist in my client’s healing – which is why I am not ‘appropriate’ for all who inquire of my services. My style of being – my soul purpose – is best appreciated by those who are in some way spiritually connected (aware of their own spirits, their spiritual selves) and who are self-aware. One who simply wants answers or predictions should not contact me; one who wants to spiritually emerge or emotionally heal should contact me.

I trust that the information I am being relayed is what is best for the client at that point-in-time. I believe that I am being used, guided and supported to relay private, powerful and poignant information to those who request readings. These readings are ‘spirit-to-spirit conversations’; thus I am speaking to your spirit (the purest part of you, the Breath of God) while your ego eavesdrops, listens in, or throws a tantrum.



“I’m a new client and you may have addressed this before but what is ‘channeling’? I notice that the inspirational emails you’ve sent me mention the word ‘channel’ and in your bio you are described as a ‘Channeler’.

A channeler is simply one who relays information from one source to another. With my blogs and the inspirational messages, I channel Spiritual Energies to enlighten the masses. My ‘Spiritual Team’ (God, Archangels & Spirit Guides) ‘speak’ through me when ‘They’ feel ‘They’ have something to share. I just let ‘Them’. This is the reason why I don’t read; I want the Divine information that comes through me to be pure and not tainted by another’s thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences.




“I was referred to you by a friend and haven’t gotten a reading yet. I have been viewing your site and reading your blogs and I am both intrigued and scared LOLOLOLOL!!! You are very different from other psychics. What is a good ‘first reading’ for a new client?”

LOL! Don’t be scared; be proactive.

If you have specific questions, you should do the Half-Hour or Hour Telephone Reading; if you are pressed for time, an Email Reading. These types of readings are ‘controlled’ by you to a degree because you are asking specific questions; therefore, you are guiding me down the path that you want to travel. However, I will be direct so be able to handle your Truth. Additionally, these readings enable you to experience how I relay information and how deeply I can go. From either of these sessions, you can make a conscious decision if you shall remain a client and if you shall indulge in a reading where you have no control.

If you are more interested in making life changes or enduring spiritual or personal growth or healing, then I would suggest the ‘Spiritual Reading via Email’. The ‘Spiritual Readings’ are intuitive assessments of one’s complete life. They offer enlightenment and guidance on Self, Love/Relationships, Career/Work and Finances/Income. However, if you’ve never had a reading by me, you may choose the ‘Spiritual Reading via Email’ as opposed to the ‘Spiritual Reading via Telephone’ so that you won’t have to worry about remembering information or taking notes; plus the whole experience can be intense as I will delve into those areas to enlighten you on what has occurred, what is occurring and what is very likely to occur. Personal issues, tragic or challenging childhood experiences and detrimental behaviors will be revealed; for some, it’s too hard to understand how someone who doesn’t know them can reveal so much to them. Therefore, rather than spend your telephone session in awe, it may be best to request the reading done via email so as to have the ‘luxury’ of space, time and privacy to process it. Both types of sessions include four clarifying questions so as to enable the client to process their Truth from a ‘conscious’ perspective.



~Let’s Journey…~

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Let’s journey…

Let’s move forward from this point. Let’s become bold in our experiences and encounters, receiving each with excitement, confidence and trust. Let’s [finally] open our eyes to all there is to see and view.

Let’s move forward on our respective journeys with self-awareness, heightened consciousness and strengthened spirits. Let us become the inspiration for kindness, patience, love, truth and understanding. Let’s recognize our true potential and celebrate our Divine personal power.

Let’s move beyond this point where ‘what was’ and ‘what could be’ meet. Let us find the strength to tip the scale in favor of ‘what could be’; so that when we move forward from this point, all that can be shall become.

Let’s journey to the source of Love, Light, Peace and Truth so as to become able to be a generator of the same. In all of our many travels, let us journey to discover that the persons that God intended us to be are the persons traveling this journey.


~Essentially Yours…~

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Nov. 14, 2014
“Essentially Yours” is a weekly email in which your confusions, concerns and challenges are addressed. The Divine Intention of this email is to take the personal curiosities of one and supply enlightenment and clarity to all.


“NO!!!!! You cannot leave my life! You have been so instrumental in my spiritual development and emotional healing. I am a better woman because of you. I pray that God gives you an OBVIOUS sign that you must continue to be of service to me and others. I live in California but if He needs to make an earthquake happen to let you know to not give up your Gift, then I’m down. LOL!! Okay, my comment is this: I am seeing a therapist and utilizing your services. What I have found is this: I know how to pick a therapist because of you – some just sit and listen and take notes; you taught me to ‘audition my therapist’ just as one would ‘test a psychic’. Also, the therapist goes by what I say, what I choose to share; you know my shit so you make me face my truth. She is my therapist; you are my spiritual advisor. Thank you for assisting me in my development and healing. I don’t want to be without you as I move forward on my journey.”

Ahh, thank you Diva. I love doing what I do and if God wills that I shall continue, you will receive an email.  ;-)

It is good that you are seeing a therapist with whom you feel comfortable. I can only assist a client who is open to my Gift and its Truth, as you are. Regardless of whether or not I continue with this Gift, you must continue with your therapist until that therapist proves non beneficial to your progress. I am  blessed to have this Gift and I am blessed to have clients like you.


“I want to know how you do what you do. Seriously. Sometimes you say things, write things or relay information just when I need it, even if I don’t want it. How does that happen? It’s obvious you have a gift but I still don’t understand it.”

Ummm, okay LOL! I am intuitive and sensitive. We all have some degree of intuitive ability and some level of sensitivity, we just don’t pay much attention – if any – to either. Through meditation and prayer, my intuition was strengthened and my sensitivity heightened. Because of those two situations, I’ve developed the clairs – clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairvoyance. I hear, feel, know and see the answers to the questions that another will ask of me. I use these abilities to access information when it is requested; I don’t walk around reading people’s minds just for the sake of it. I share these abilities when a person requests such. Because I am so sensitive, I can feel what another is feeling; additionally, I can feel the energies of those who have passed. I don’t know what my brain does, how my blood pressure is affected nor am I aware of any other physiological changes in my body. However, I do become tired after doing heavy readings or a lot of readings.

“I want to request a Soul Reading but I am hesitant; should I be?”
No you shouldn’t, yet if you are, I would deduce that your ego is fearful of acquiring information that could interfere with its control.The ‘Soul Reading’ spotlights the intention of the spirit while highlighting the influences of the ego. We are made up of spirit (the purest part of us, the Breath of God) and ego (the part formed out of our experiences, environment and society).
During a ‘Soul Reading’, I connect with your spirit to note and relay its intentions at the current time. Furthermore, I connect with your ego to acknowledge its interference, apprehension, fear and distrust. Spiritual intentions change depending on what’s occurring in the person’s life; they are not one’s soul purpose – the Divine Intention behind their life-experience.
One’s spirit may desire to heal from a specific experience for it knows that it needs that power (that lesson) to become able to accept a forthcoming opportunity (look at it as the spirit having a ‘hunch’ to do something specific). One’s ego may invest heavily in self-sabotage and find (seek out) external situations or mental pursuits to indulge in, removing valuable time and energy from the healing to exert it elsewhere. You see, until you know how to bring them (your spirit and ego) together, they can be at-odds frequently.
‘Soul Readings’ are best for the person who acknowledges the existence of the spirit and the ego and who wishes to either heal emotionally or emerge spiritually. This reading becomes a powerful tool in accomplishing these goals for it quiets the mind chatter, eliminates the ‘booby traps’, and strengthens one’s focus.


**You do not have to be a client to have your issues addressed in “Essentially Yours…” Simply send me an email by Wednesday afternoon to be included in Friday’s distribution.**

~Essentially Yours…~

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Nov. 7, 2014

“Essentially Yours” is a weekly email in which your confusions, concerns and challenges are addressed. The Divine Intention of this email is to take the personal curiosities of one and supply enlightenment and clarity to all.



“I’ve heard you say (especially to me LOL!!!!!!) that ‘every reading is a new reading’. I am trying to remember that but sometimes I forget because you relay so much to me in a reading that it’s hard to imagine you not knowing more when I re-approach you on the subject.”

LOL, no worries. And thanks for bringing this issue to light as you are not the only one who thinks I remain connected to your own personal issue.

When I do readings, I am in ‘the zone’ – simply put, I am open to receiving information from the Most High and other Divine spiritual energies (Spirit Guides and those who have transitioned); additionally, I am sensitive enough to feel and interpret your energy and the energies of those whom you may reference during your reading. Sometimes the information is eerily accurate and specific; other times it may be somewhat general and up to interpretation. This variance has to do with the information I’m being given as well as the energy of the client (remember, fear is stronger energy than curiosity).

Once the reading is complete, I disconnect from all energy, accept that of the Most High, and come out of ‘the zone’. Simply put, I return to my life. Therefore when a client asks me a week later about something said a week prior, I have no information as I am not remembering the reading. There are times when some elements are remembered or the energy becomes familiar, yet when the reading has been completed, I’m done with the presented issue. If they like, the client may repeat their question from the previous week and then that becomes a part of their new reading. The information may be the same or has changed, due to the energies involved and exerted – remember, we all have free will.


“This is more of a comment than a question or concern. I had a relationship reading done five years ago. You were very accurate with describing who me and my boyfriend were in the relationship. You also gave insight as to how we could make the relationship survive. I ignored that part of the reading for it revealed that we were not naturally meant to be and we had a lot of work to do. Fast forward to five years later and we are divorcing. I feel such regret that I didn’t pay more attention to that reading.”

No need to be regretful, become enlightened. Relationships are opportunities for growth; grow from that experience. I specifically state that ‘Relationship Readings’ are for serious relationships only; therefore, the information relayed should not be taken lightly.

Some relationships are meant to become romantic, some are not. Some are meant to last, some are not. When processing a ‘Relationship Reading’, the client must receive the last paragraph – the assessment of the union – with open-mindedness, courage, honesty and sensitivity. They must proceed in the relationship from that enlightened point. That last paragraph points out the negatives and positives of the union; it is up to the client to embrace the positives and aim to improve the negatives. Unfortunately, many embrace the positives and ignore the negatives. They grab a hold of temporary happiness rather than work towards long-lasting fulfillment. And then when truth becomes unavoidable, they become devastated and damaged.

I am sorry about your pending divorce. Yet I would ask that you see the situation for what it is, choosing to overcome it and heal from your emotional devastation so as to not become bitter and restricted.


 ”Are there any people you do not like to read for?”

Yes. I don’t like to read for close-minded people. I don’t like to read for fearful people. I don’t like to read for people under the age of 21.

If a person is close-minded, they have a hard time understanding their reading and while I’m all for supplying clarity, I cannot spend so much time breaking down barriers. Thus I always say, be open-minded and receptive when having and processing your reading. Fearful people make me uncomfortable. I read by energy, so if a potential or new client is filled with fear, I am restricted from being myself – I am barred from connecting with their spirit to empower their ego. Lastly, those under 21 are not likely to have the level of consciousness needed to process a reading by me. I go deeply; I relay information that is of their spirit, not necessarily of their ego. Many, even those over 21, have problems with digesting their truth, so a young, developing mind can be stunted by a reading with me.


“I am such a fan of yours! You have given me very powerful readings over the years which have enabled me to make some definite changes in my life. I am now a much happier person and I owe you such gratitude for this! Recently you gave me a divine communication reading. You were so accurate! I could validate many things and what I couldn’t validate, my dad and aunts did. I want to know how exactly do you do those readings? What is it like communicating with those who have passed? I am so intrigued.”

Ahh, well thank you very much. I appreciate and receive your gratitude.  :-)

I love doing ‘Divine Communication Readings’ for they enable me to become ‘acquainted with’ new spiritual energy – it’s like getting a new client. Also, I get to serve as the link between those who are on this realm – who are alive physically – and those who have returned to spiritual form.

I am using all of my Gifts when I do readings, especially the ‘Divine Communication Readings. Typically, spirits make themselves known when they want to connect with a specific person. It is during these times when I will send an email to a client and state something like, “Your mother is with me and she does not like the way you are currently living your life and said you are not that rebellious teenager any longer. She suggests that you grow up.” The client may be surprised or in agreement, sending an ‘LOL, I know’ or ‘Tell Mom I got this!’ which I relay. This is not a ‘Divine Communication Reading’, it is simply ‘divine communication’ from a transitioned spiritual energy.

When a client requests a reading, I ask the spirit to communicate to their loved one. Many times they are waiting to communicate; sometimes I have to coax them into the ‘conversation’.

I take dictation mostly – writing what they are saying. This information will be noted by double quotes. If I’m seeing and feeling (being clairvoyant and clairsentient or empathic), I will relay what they are making me see and feel. After they relay information, they will withdraw from me, sharing things via visions and sounds to confirm to their loved one that it was them whom I connected with.

I wanted to have this ability and it first occurred in Jan. 2002 when my best friend Gina Michelle Smith came to me to comfort me. She died in the plane crash with Aaliyah – I had read her a month prior and had not seen the accident, in the least, the trip. I was devastated, broken, wanting to die. During a particular breakdown, she stood behind me, I can still see her fingers on my shoulders, and said “Stop crying TanyaManya, it’s okay.” I was harboring guilt over not being able to see this tragedy to warn her for in my reading experience, I had been able to warn others. She said other things; I listened and received. I became comforted and from that point on, have been receiving visits by those who have transitioned – requested or not.  ;-)


**You do not have to be a client to have your issues addressed in “Essentially Yours…” Simply send me an email by Wednesday afternoon to be included in Friday’s distribution.**