Divine Intention

“I am but one person, once drifting in a sea of other persons, unconsciously aware of nothing. As one thing led to another – and I am not a believer in ironies or coincidences – I arrive here. A Saturday afternoon of investigating and quelling curiosities became the catalyst that would transform my life. That ‘destined event’ put me directly in the path of where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. I expressed, simply an expression from timid, unsure lips…and it became. I explored, requested, attempted, performed, connected, and then I shared. And I arrived.

As I have learned so shall I teach…a repetitive cycle whose rhythms are both rejuvenating and retrospective. Even as this is being written, I learn as I submit. Never afraid as I traveled alone, or so it seemed…careful of previously written accounts of this and that…manufactured opinions of what is and what was; while visionary perceptions went unnoticed.  And then you arrived.

And so we stand, face-to-face. My spirit greets your spirit with open arms, a broad smile, a calm heart and a willing soul. Just as a couple in love, we too shall unite on an intense emotional level, yet with a profound spiritual influence. We connect as if we have been the best of friends, separated by tragedy and united in peace. And I welcome you…to MY world. It is a place where ego and spirit dance a slow dance of submission, acceptance, enlightenment and healing. It is a place where one seeks the truth and challenges the lies. It is a place where one discovers their power source and learns how to replenish it. It is a place where the spirit learns to lead while the ego escorts.”

“When you become conscious,
you become responsible.” – Tanya