~Ask Tanya~

Ask Tanya is an advice column combining spiritual focus with psychic ability.

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As a Spiritual Intuitive with over 21 years of experience, Tanya has been enlightening and empowering her clients via telephone, email, text and, of course, in person. She is a Gifted psychic who uses her intuitive ability in a spiritual manner. Her depth of emotion,  understanding nature, and ‘acquired wisdom’ will make you feel as if you are speaking with a loving parent, favorite aunt or compassionate mentor; her distorted sense of humor, laid-back approach to life and its ‘issues’, and infectious energy will make you feel as if you’re being counseled by ‘well-adjusted bff’. Tanya will respond to your questions and confusions surrounding Love, Relationships, Career Focus, Mental and Creative Pursuits, and Emotional Healing with love, understanding, directness and humor. All submissions are anonymous; all responses are posted on the Ask Tanya page.


“I’m not trying to tell you who you are; I just want to introduce you to your Self.” – Tanya


Ashley asks, “How do I go about resolving and releasing insecure energies from my body so I can love deeply and express that love without hesitation?”

Whoa! Ashley is a deep-thinker! And a very smart woman. She understands that her emotional fulfillment is her responsibility and that she is empowered to handle such a task…kudos to you ‘Miss Ash’!

Insecure energy lives within many of us to some degree…and that’s okay. It’s when insecure energy makes your life unappealing and uncomfortable that you should do something about its existence within your soul. Read my blog, “Releasing Insecure Energy” (http://www.soul2soulconversations.com/releasing-insecure-energy/) for more information and a few helpful tips on how to become empowered to love per your soul’s preference.



 Corrina asks, “How can I be a better mother to my five-year-old?”

Great question! By being a better woman to your Self. Here’s the deal: you can’t expect to parent properly if your own Self is damaged goods…and actively reacting to that damage.

I feel that your daughter looks exactly like you did at the same age; and subconsciously you are reliving your own challenged childhood. You are projecting on to her what your mother projected on to you…and so the likelihood of her becoming as you have become is high, if she takes the path you’ve taken. Alas, the cycle continues.

Consider healing from your childhood, especially ages 4-7 and then 9-11 (when two separate ‘traumas’ occurred). Healing, which recoups power lost, will empower you to better understand your actions, reactions, expectations and intentions as a parent. Consider traditional assistance, self-healing, and/or ‘alternative’ methods (intuitive counseling with a Gifted Intuitive) to help you commit to the healing process so that your daughter won’t write the same sort of email to me in 20 or 25 years.



‘Katie’ asks, “How do I transition from a career that I’ve had for ten years to a new one? And should I?”

Very smartly…and yes you should.

For the past six or seven months, you have been feeling under-appreciated, unfulfilled, bored, frustrated and lost (and this is just at work). If you allow your Self to revisit a passion that you held as a child, you will witness the ‘life’ coming back into your professional self.

While your current career is your ‘9-5’ (for practical purposes only), your passion (that which feeds your soul) is being ignored. Consider revisiting the powerful interest you had in writing to recognize where your second career should take you. Be logical, open-minded, creative and strategic about your career transition: use your current career to support your needs while researching to find similar positions that include creative input, especially in the area of writing; assess your current position to see if simply adding the focus on your passion (as a hobby, side endeavor) will make your current career appear more appealing; and lastly, do not use your current position/career for emotional fulfillment…it is for ‘practical purposes’ and makes use of your natural strengths and skill set; it is not able to fulfill you emotionally for the creative arts (writing) does that for you. Good luck!




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